Minerva welcomes Mercury to its self-service menus


Letter from Provost Masi

25 April 2006

Hello Mercury!

I am pleased to announce that the McGill course evaluation system (formerly known as MOLE) will henceforth be known as Mercury. This name was selected as the winning entry from the almost 500 submissions from students. Mercury, the winged messenger of the Roman gods, signifies the role of course evaluations as a way for students to send messages to their professors. Mercury was also half-brother to Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, and so fits in well with the family of applications in use at McGill.

The winner of the 4G iPod Nano is Manna Ozawa, who was the first of 7 people to suggest Mercury. The three participation prizes (Logitech cordless headphones, Logitech MX 1000 cordless mouse and a Sandisk Cruzer Mini 2GB Flash Drive), randomly selected, were won by Nathaniel Emodi, Blaise Belanger and Quanyan Zhu.

Thanks to all who participated — the selection process was made extremely difficult by your thoughtfulness and creativity!


Prof. Anthony C. Masi