Service Pack 2 installation on Windows XP machines not recommended at this time


Known SP2 problems

List of problems compiled in collaboration with faculty and department LAN administrators:


VPN disconnects, hotfix available but not on Microsoft webpage.

Outlook Web Access

The popup blocker of IE can cause problems. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base article.

Firewire devices

  • Various problems with Firewire peripheral devices:
    Some Firewire 2 (AKA Firewire 800) devices do not work after SP2 is installed. The device is not recognized by Windows in some cases, and in other cases only speeds of Firewire 1 (AKA 400) are achieved. In some instances, manufacturers have released fixes for their products; however, their patch needs to be applied before installing Windows XP SP2.
  • Firewire port connected to external LaCie drive stopped working. Quick fix, switched to USB.


Some users have installed SP2 only to discover that their network drive mappings no longer work. After installing SP2 the drive mapping disappears, making the user believe that all of their server data is missing. Removal of SP2 restores all of the drive mappings.

Windows Firewall

Default settings of Windows Firewall may block required connections for certain tools such as pcAnywhere and RemoteDesktop.

Symantec Antivirus

Product updates are required for Symantec Antivirus.

Banner client

The data extract function no longer works.

Bluetooth keyboard

Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard stopped working. Updating the driver fixes the problem.

Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for known SP2 problems.