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Call for campus software - submit your suggestions


Published: 5Jun2008

The Office of the CIO consults the campus community on software licenses purchased and either distributed at no charge to individual units or students, or distributed with a chargeback to a department or faculty. The Software Licensing Advisory Committee advises the CIO on these matters.

Activity this year has included the MATLAB campus-wide license for staff and faculty, which was delivered on April 1, 2008.

Looking ahead at 2008-09, the Office of the CIO asks the campus community to submit suggestions for new site-licensed software. (Please see www.mcgill.ca/cio/procurement/license for the list of current software offerings which include Antivirus, Camtasia Studio, Course Genie and many more.)

With your software suggestion, please include a brief explanation of how it works toward the goals of the CIO's mission regarding academic software.

Those goals are:

  • to obtain the best possible price on campus for use of software for research, teaching and administration
  • to remove administrative burden on lab managers, units, and individuals in negotiating and purchasing site licenses at the unit-level
  • to reduce the occurrence of software piracy
  • to promote the use of preferred or mandated software on campus, including open-source solutions

With your brief explanation, please also include (if possible) an estimate of the anticipated number of software users and any people or areas using it on campus.

Email your responses to: cio [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

The deadline for suggestions is July 31.