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Bounced Email Messages

Published: 23 Apr 2008

If your Inbox has been inundated with bounced warning messages regarding emails that you never sent, don't panic! This may be the result of a spammer or virus forging your email address to send out spam or infected email and not the result of your email account being compromised.

Spammers and viruses use harvested email addresses in the ‘From’ field in order to spoof the source of the email. When an email cannot be delivered, a warning message is sent to the sender, notifying them that their email bounced. In this case, because the sender address is spoofed/forged, the harvested email address appears to be the sender and receives the bounced email message.

Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do but delete these warning emails and wait it out.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ICS Service Desk at 514-398-3398.

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