IT News - April to August 2016 (archive)

What happened from April through August 2016

Polling @ McGillPolling @ McGill

This new service replaces the legacy student response system (clickers). Students can now submit responses using their own smart devices - laptop, smartphone, tablet - instead of having to purchase a special clicker. Instructors need to upgrade their software to TurningPoint Cloud


McCloud video on OneDriveChanges to OneDrive cloud storage service

The OneDrive for Business service, provided through Office 365, was upgraded for better performance when syncing files between your local computer and the cloud. Other changes include supervisor's access to the OneDrive repository, and a new instructional video.


Microsoft FormsOnline Surveys, Quizzes and Forms in Office 365

A new component called Forms was released in Office 365. It allows you to create quick and easy surveys, quizzes and polls, with auto-grading and feedback. Simple results can be viewed online or downloaded for analysis. This is an alternative to Online Surveys in LimeSurvey for simple questionnaires with no branching.


Video @ McGillVideo @ McGill

This new service from Office 365 can be used to host videos intended for internal McGill audiences. Instructors can post videos for their students to watch; service units can post videos for their users. By contrast, McGill's YouTube channel is used for related videos targeting external viewers, e.g. promos for the school/faculty.



The LISTSERV system was upgraded to a new version, with a new management interface and new template features to support newsletter style communications.


Office 365 email for faculty and staff

Over the summer, nearly all faculty and staff mailboxes were migrated from McGill's central Exchange server to the Office 365 cloud service, which provides 50 GB of mailbox storage space.


SANS IT Security Awareness TrainingSANS IT Security Awareness Training videos

SANS Security Awareness Training videos teach you how to detect and reduce the risk of cyber crime and fraud.


Banner/Minerva/Imaging upgrade

In early April, the software underlying Banner, Minerva and ApplicationXtender (imaging) was upgraded. There were no major changes to functionality; however the upgrade will allow McGill to extend the life of these systems and continue to make future enhancements.


IT Service ManagementIT Service Management Project

IT Services launched the first phase of its IT Service Management system, ServiceNow. In this phase the system is being used to manage and track internal changes to systems, applications and infrastructure components.