IT Projects

Current projects

A list of current major IT projects can be found below. For information on projects that have been recently completed, please see the Completed Projects page.

Name Summary

McGill University is required by the MESRST (Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, Recherche, Science et Technologie) to report data regarding students, activities and programs on a regular basis using the GDEU system (le système de gestion des données sur l'effectif universitaire). This data has significant impact on the University funding from the provincial government. Additionally, the submitted data is used by the MESRST to report student record information to Statistics Canada, and used to establish performance measures such as, but not limited to, graduation rates and time to completion. We are embarking on this project to improve the flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness of the GDEU submission to the MESRST.

Partner units: Enrolment Services, University Academic Management Office, Office of Planning and Institutional Analysis
Target launch date: January 2016

Office 365

The goal of this initiative is to offer improved and new IT services to the entire McGill community by leveraging the Microsoft Office 365 cloud services platform. View Office 365 components and launch dates per user audience at: Bringing Office 365 to McGill.