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Information Systems Resources (ISR)

Information Systems Resources (ISR) enables the use of information systems in administrative functions so that those functions may be conducted in the most effective way possible. Our mission is to:

  • Promote, enable, and participate in the incorporation of information systems into administrative functions;
  • Facilitate access, use, exchange and management of administrative information resources;
  • Provide and operate an information systems infrastructure and service;
  • Supply systems development and systems management expertise;
  • Facilitate and promote information systems development in departments through specification of architectures, standards and development of local expertise.
Note: Within ISR, the Business Production team evaluates and initiates the development of workflow automation procedures in a multi-platform environment at McGill. To find out more and to request the services of this group, visit the Business Production web site.

Contact us: To view ISR employee names and contact information, consult our Staff Directory.