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Request a WMS Site

This form should be filled out and submitted by the Site Administrator or Sponsor (Department/Unit Director or Manager) to request either a new website, or a staging site in the McGill WMS (Web Management System), our centrally supported web system. Web pages produced in the WMS provide web editors easy access to update information on their websites. In addition, ongoing support for development and maintenance is provided. The format for WMS sites is "https://mcgill.ca/your-site-name/".

For more information, see the Web Management System Service Description.


  • A staging site is used for extensive reorganization/restructuring of an existing WMS site. It is not intended for experimenting with content changes. 
  • If the website is intended for an internal audience (e.g., departmental intranet, committee) see: Document Management Solutions.
  • If you prefer an independently designed and managed website, request a Virtual Host site.