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Request myCourses integration of a third-party application

Please complete this form to request an integration of a third-party application within myCourses. Before completing this form, please check the Knowledge Base article, "Learning tool integrated with myCourses" for a list of all third-party tools that have been approved for use, and instructions on how to request access.

"Integration of a third-party application within myCourses" is defined as a connection between myCourses and another external software application that can allow for single sign-on as well as the potential to exchange data (e.g. grades and other personal student information). Applications that could be integrated within myCourses include virtual collaboration platforms, peer evaluation tools, and publisher content.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on how they process, transmit and store data. The primary focus of our evaluation will involve a thorough analysis of where and how the supplier hosts and accesses personal information.