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Service Pack 2 installation on Windows XP machines not recommended at this time

ICS does not recommend that our users install Service Pack 2 on Windows XP machines at this time. Resolutions to SP2 problems are still being sought. Updates on the situation will be posted as more information becomes available. Meanwhile ICS, in collaboration with faculty and department LAN administrators, is compiling some of the most recent problems encountered as a result of SP2 installation.

Published: 14 Sep 2004

Minerva downtime - September

10 pm Sat., September 25, 2004 to 10 am Sun., September 26, 2004

Published: 13 Sep 2004

Banner Client users should not install SP2 for Windows XP

It has been reported that the Banner Client data extract function does not work when users install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Because no patch or other workaround has been supplied yet, automatic deployment of the service pack has been blocked on all machines of ICS customers. Banner users should not install the service manually.

Published: 1 Sep 2004

MGMT IT announcement

As of Monday, June 14, the Faculty of Management will partner its information technology (IT) services with Information Systems and Technology Customer Services (ICS). We expect that through this joint effort the Faculty will receive a more effective and cost-efficient level of IT service.

Published: 11 Jun 2004

Sasser WORM spreading on campus

Please note that there is a WORM spreading across the McGill campus. We are investigating routes to fix this problem. If your machine is affected, please disconnect it from the network immediately to avoid spreading it. If your machine is not affected, please run the Windows Updates and scan for the latest critical updates.

Published: 4 May 2004

MUSE all through the night!

MUSE, McGill Libraries' online catalogue, is now available without interruption from early Sunday morning at 7:00 am until after midnight on the following Saturday (Sunday at 1:00 am). Night owls and our users around the world will have complete access to all McGill Libraries' online research tools, including the link from Find It McGill to MUSE and our online journals virtually 24 x 7!

Published: 15 Jan 2004

For all McGill students: New McGill email policy

This is an important notice intended for all McGill students. As of January 1, 2004, the University-wide "Policy on Email Communication with Students" comes into effect. Email will be recognized as one of the official means of communication between McGill University and its students.

Published: 1 Jan 2004

Position profile

McGill University invites applications and nominations for the Trenholme Director of Libraries. The position is funded by a named endowment, the first of its kind in Canada.

Published: 8 Oct 2003