New warning notices when emails cannot be scanned by McGill's Antispam system


Beginning on December 12, 2013, McGill's Anti-spam system will prepend a notice to warn you when an email cannot be scanned; this is in addition to changing the Subject of the email, which is the current practice. The prepended notice will also contain a brief description of why the email could not be scanned.

There are a few reasons why email messages cannot be scanned by the Antispam system, including if the email:

  • is encrypted and password-protected or it contains an attachment that is password-protected.
  • contains an attachment that is "part of a file" -- this may be the case when a large file is archived into several pieces and they are sent in separate emails.
  • contains a corrupt file or unsupported file type. 

Note: Digitally signed emails cannot be modified to include the new notice because changing any part of the message effectively breaks the signature.  However, for digitally signed emails that cannot be scanned, the Subject will be changed to say "PMX: NOT SCANNED".




This message was NOT completely scanned by the McGill Anti-Spam software, because it appears to be encrypted with a password.

There is the possibility that the content is malicious and should not be opened.

Please verify its authenticity before opening the attached content.

If you require further assistance please contact ICS Service Desk via email at ITsupport [at] or by phone at 514-398-3398