Update: Delayed delivery of emails to AOL accounts


Recent spear phishing scams may have lead to McGill email accounts being compromised. This is suspected as a contributing factor to the outgoing mail delays in the last week. For more details see the announcement on Phishing attacks on McGill email.


Update (4:30 pm, March 18th): The delivery of emails sent from McGill servers to Hotmail, MSN, and MSN Live accounts is functioning normally. Emails sent to AOL accounts are still delayed, but should eventually be delivered.


The delivery of emails sent from McGill servers to Hotmail and AOL accounts is currently delayed. If you have attempted to send an email to a Hotmail or AOL account, you may receive a message that it could not be sent. In some cases, the server will re-attempt to send the email.

We encourage you to take the time to visit the IT Knowledge Base and read up on how to protect yourself, and your email account, from online threats.