UPDATE: April 18 - new URL for managing quarantined email


For users of McGill's Anti-spam service: There is a NEW DATE for changing URL of quarantined email. This has been postponed from April 8 to April 18. All other details remain the same, as described below.

McGill’s Anti-Spam Service filters all incoming email and “quarantines” those messages suspected of being spam. On April 18, McGill’s IT Services will change the URL of the website for managing quarantined email messages.

Current:  https://yourspam.mcgill.ca
Planned: https://junkmail.mcgill.ca

Other than the new URL, quarantine users will not notice any significant difference in interaction or any interruption in service.

However, there will be a transition period during which both old and new URLs will be accessible to quarantine users and to subscribers to the digest of quarantined mail. Please read details of the Timeline below.


On April 18: all new suspected spam will be quarantined on junkmail.mcgill.ca. No new messages will be quarantined on yourspam.mcgill.ca. However, due to the normal time lag, digests of existing quarantined email on the old URL will continue to be produced for a short time.

For up to 5 days: subscribers to the digest of quarantined mail may receive 2 different digest emails – one for contents of the new URL and one for contents of the old. The contents of each digest mail will be different, so we encourage you to open and review both.

For 15 days after the junkmail.mcgill.ca website goes live: yourspam.mcgill.ca will continue to be accessible, to allow you time to review and release any remaining messages stored there. After this period, yourspam.mcgill.ca will no longer be accessible and you will no longer be able to view/release any remaining messages on that site.

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