Upcoming IT Security updates at McGill: Cisco AMP


Published: 29Nov2018


The following message was sent to the McGill community on November 29, 2018: 

From: MRO McGill Staff

Subject: Upcoming IT Security updates at McGill / Mises à jour de sécurité au cours des prochaines semaines


La version française suit.

This message is sent on behalf of IT Services.

Ce message est envoyé au nom des Services des technologies de l’information.


Please be advised that over a 2 week period, beginning December 3, 2018, ALL McGill-managed desktop and laptop computers will receive an update to Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), McGill’s antivirus software. As part of our cybersecurity improvement roadmap, this initiative will further protect workstations against evolving cyber threats.


Note: Beginning in 2019, updates to Cisco AMP will be deployed to McGill-managed computers on a monthly basis, and no further email notifications of these updates will be sent.


The Cisco AMP update will take place as follows:


  • A pop-up notice may appear, prompting you to restart your computer for the update to take effect.
  • When you see this message, save your work, close all applications, and restart your computer as soon as possible.
  • Restarting is necessary for the new version to take full effect and optimize your level of protection.
  • Mac OS users will not need to restart their computers but may notice a pop-up advising that Cisco AMP has been updated.

    Images of these notifications and additional details are in the IT Knowledge Base article Antivirus updates for work computers.

    Note that computers running older operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Mac OS 10.10 and earlier, will not receive the Cisco AMP update. For additional information please refer to Supported Operating Systems in the IT Knowledge Base.

    Users of unmanaged computers (acquired through McGill funds) who wish to also benefit from these improvements, can find installation instructions for Windows and Mac OS in the IT Knowledge Base: