Trend Micro 2018 renewal key now available, and information about new antivirus solution at McGill






Network and Information Security Upgrade: New antivirus solution at McGill

The following announcement was sent to all McGill Staff and Students on December 12, 2017.

To all community members:

This communication provides you with important information concerning the deployment of a new antivirus for McGill: Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints.

Trend Micro has been McGill’s antivirus solution for several years, providing product licenses for work and home:

  • Trend Micro OfficeScan (for computers at work)
  • Trend Micro Internet Security and Antivirus (home edition)

Following an evaluation of McGill’s ongoing IT security requirements, we have selected a new antivirus solution for the University: Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints. We will start deploying it in the next few weeks. 

Cisco AMP is designed to detect and control both known and emerging cyber threats, thus providing an advanced level of protection for the University against IT security events.  

The following scenarios describe how the transition to Cisco AMP will affect you:

1)      If your computer was funded by McGill or Research funds: 

          a) If you are a McGill employee, and you have dedicated support from IT Services or local technical support staff in your department or office:

              Starting in the next few weeks, Cisco AMP will be deployed. 

           Critical points to note:

  • Cisco AMP can only be installed on your computer if you are on McGill premises and connected to the McGill network.
  • Cisco AMP will be automatically pushed to most workstations. In some cases, it will be manually installed by local technical support staff. 
  • No action or minimal action will be required on your part. If action is required, you will be prompted (i.e., rebooting your computer).


        b) If you are a McGill employee and you do not have dedicated technical support in your area:

              Please install Cisco AMP on your Windows or Mac computer using the instructions as outlined in the IT Knowledge Base articles (see links below).  
              If you are unsure about the support available to you, please contact the IT Service Desk. They will provide you with the necessary assistance or direct you to local technical support staff. 


2)     If you own your personal computer (not funded by McGill or Research funds): 
         Licenses for the home edition of Trend Micro Internet Security for Windows and Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac will remain available to all staff and students until December 2018. Therefore, you may renew your                   subscription to Trend Micro for 2018. 

          Critical points to note:

  • The Trend Micro home edition license expires in December 2018.  After this time, users will no longer have access to antivirus software for personal use through McGill.
  • Explore alternative anti-virus solutions that meet your personal computer needs.
  • If you install a new antivirus solution, first uninstall your Trend Micro solution prior to installing the new one. 


Please refer to the following articles in the IT Knowledge Base for instructions and additional information: 

         Service Descriptions for Antivirus at McGill

          Removing Trend Micro solutions

          Installing Cisco AMP

          Antivirus Information for personal computers

If you require more guidance or you are not sure how to proceed, please contact your local technical support staff (System/LAN Administrator) or the IT Service Desk

This initiative is part of the Network and Information Security Upgrade. For more information, visit the Network and Information Security Upgrade project website.