SANS Video Library: Self-Registration Instructions


Published: 2Dec2016


The SANS Video Library is a security awareness program for all faculty and staff. This self-paced course includes a set of short educational videos, newsletters and quizzes on IT security. Each module identifies key behaviors that increase security risks to an organization and how we can address them. 

To register for the SANS Video Library: 

Login into myCourses ( 
using your 
McGill email and Password credentials.


1. Click Register in the Self-Registration Courses area located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Note: the exact location of the area may vary depending on your myCourses role – you may need to scroll down a bit to see it.


2. Click on the course link (i.e. OLC 900 - IT Security Awareness - SANS video library).


3. Click Register


4. Click Submit


5. Click Finish


6. Click on the link to launch the course


7. Click on the image to launch our featured SANS e-Learning module


8. Click on the “My Library” link to access the entire SANS IT Security Awareness library

9. Click on the “Grades” link to track your learning progress


Headphones or speakers are required. If you don't have time to complete the course in one sitting, you can leave at any point and come back later to continue. 

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