Postal code changes


In fall 2011 Canada Post changed the postal codes for a number of buildings on the McGill downtown campus as part of a large-scale changeover. Additional McGill buildings will receive new postal codes in the future.

The old postal codes still work and will continue to work for several years, but are no longer findable on the Canada Post website and may cause problems when using web forms. All affected units are encouraged to begin an address change process now. Electronic changes should be made immediately. Changes to stationery, business cards, etc, can be made at the next normal reorder.

Please contact Daniel Poce, McGill Mailroom Supervisor, with any questions: (514) 398-4602, daniel.poce [at]





801 Sherbrooke St. West

Maass Chemistry Building

H3A 2K6

H3A 0B8

805 Sherbrooke St. West

Burnside Hall

H3A 2K6

H3A 0B9

809 Sherbrooke St. West

Macdonald Stewart Library

H3A 2K6

H3A 0C1

815 Sherbrooke St. West

Macdonald Harrington

H3A 2K6

H3A 0C2

817 Sherbrooke St. West

Macdonald Engineering

H3A 2K6

H3A 0C3

845 Sherbrooke St. West

James Administration Building

H3A 2T5

H3A 0G4

853 Sherbrooke St. West

Arts and Dawson Buildings

H3A 2T6

H3A 0G5

859 Sherbrooke St. West

Redpath Museum

H3A 2K6

H3A 0C4

3610 University

Wong Building

H3A 2B2

H3A 0C5

3630 University

Trottier Building

H3A 2B2

H3A 0C6

3640 University

Strathcona Anatomy Building

H3A 2B2

H3A 0C7

3450 University

Adams Building

H3A 2A7

H3A 0E8

3480 University

McConnell Engineering

H3A 2A7

H3A 0E9

3415 McTavish

McLennan Library--Service Point

H3A 1Y1

H3A 0C8

3459 McTavish

McLennan-Redpath Library

H3A 1Y1

H3A 0C9

3485 McTavish

Morrice Hall

H3A 1Y1

H3A 0E1

3430 McTavish

McTavish 3430

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E2

3434 McTavish

McTavish 3434

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E3

3438 McTavish

McTavish 3438

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E4

3450 McTavish

Faculty Club

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E5

3460 McTavish

Peterson Hall

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E6

3480 McTavish

University Centre

H3A 1X9

H3A 0E7

740 Docteur Penfield

Penfield  740 (Genome)

H3A 1A4

H3A 0G1

840 Docteur Penfield

Ferrier Building

H3A 1A4

H3A 0G2

3600 McTavish

Brown Student Services

H3A 1Y2

H3A 0G3

3465 Durocher St.

Durocher 3465 Mail Services

H2X 2C6

H2X 0A8

Contact Information

Daniel Poce
McGill Mailroom
daniel.poce [at]
Office Phone: 
(514) 398-4602