NEW version of LimeSurvey (v3) now available - access to v2 restricted at end of August


Published: 8Apr2021

McGill's new version of LimeSurvey (v3) was released earlier this year. LimeSurvey is a robust survey tool, often used for extensive research studies, that allows complex conditional branching and supports anonymous tokens.

Access to version 2 of LimeSurvey will be restricted to survey administrators as of September 1, 2021. Therefore any surveys that are still active in version 2 should be moved to version 3.

Steps for survey administrators

If you have not yet transferred over your active surveys from version 2 to version 3, please take steps to do so as soon as possible.

  1. (If you don’t already have access) Submit a General Request form and include the words “Access to LimeSurvey version 3” in the title.
  2. Once you receive confirmation from the IT Service Desk that your access is granted, proceed to:
    a) Export the survey structure (.lss) for surveys you want to keep from v2 and
    b) Import the structure into v3
    Follow the instructions in the LimeSurvey user guide for version 3.
  3. Export your responses separately and store them in a secure McGill storage location.
  4. You can also find links for training and support on the IT Support site.


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