New IT Service: Support for Acetate Projectors


McGill IT Services is taking a new initiative to support acetate overhead projectors used in various departments on campus. This effort is an adjunct to the  Classroom Audiovisual Support Services, described in the IT Service catalog.

Our technicians will provide maintenance of the projectors that are still in use, including initial inspection and testing, changing of bulbs, and ongoing maintenance.  If you have projectors that are no longer needed we will pick them up and recycle them.  But we need to be informed of what overhead projectors are out there and where they are located.

Please use this form to let us know of any acetate (overhead) projectors in your faculty, and whether or not they are being used:

The form information will be sent to IT Customer Services and a support ticket will be created and assigned to a technician, who will then schedule an appointment to have the projector inspected and cleaned, or removed if no longer needed.

If you have any questions regarding this new service, please contact the ICS Service Desk.  Thank you for your attention.

Contact Information

ICS Service Desk
Info-service TI
Email: [at]
Office Phone: