Minerva for students website now integrated into other sites


As part of a goal to integrate and simplify student information on the McGill Web System, the Minerva for Students (www.mcgill.ca/minerva-students) website has been removed. The information previously located on this site has been consolidated and can now be found on other Student sites, including: Student Accounts, Registration, student records and exams, Applying to McGill, Scholarships and Student Aid and Study Abroad.

One great advantage is that students will no longer have to jump from site to site while registering for courses, applying for an exchange program, and so forth.

As always, you can find information on Minerva for Students in the IT Knowledge Base, and get form-specific assistance via the HELP menu in Minerva.

Note that this change will not affect the Minerva web application itselfonly the location of information about Minerva, as used by students.


How will you log into Minerva?


  • Sign into the myMcGill portal, as usual (https://mymcgill.mcgill.ca).
  • From the McGill Home page, select the Minerva Login link in the Key sites, maps and directories pull down menu.
  • Bookmark the Minerva User Login screen itself.
  • The IT Knowledge Base article on Minerva for students contains links to the Minerva Login screen, Course Calendar, and Class Schedule.
  • The Login to Minerva icon will also be available on many more McGill web sites.


What will happen to links which point to the old Minerva for Students web site?


  • All links from other web sites, emails, or PDF files to the defunct Minerva for Students web site will automatically be redirected to the new location of the information. If you have shortcuts or favorites which point to Minerva for Students, we recommend you update them at your earliest convenience.
  • For staff: any printed material referring to the Minerva for Students web site should be updated with the correct URLs. If you are responsible for printed materials published by your department, please contact ICS Tech Writers (the email address is in the Outlook Global Address List) for the proper link format to use in printed materials.


Looking for IT answers? Visit the IT Services web page at: www.mcgill.ca/it