Minerva for faculty and staff website has been integrated into the IT Knowledge Base


As part of the goal to integrate Minerva-related information, the Minerva for Faculty and Staff web site (www.mcgill.ca/minerva-faculty-staff) has been removed. The information previously located on this site has been consolidated, and users trying to access any of its pages are automatically redirected to articles in the IT Knowledge Base.

Note that this change will not affect the Minerva application itselfonly the location of information about Minerva, as used by faculty and staff.

How will you log into Minerva?

If you were accustomed to going to the Minerva for Faculty and Staff site and clicking the Login to Minerva icon, please note that you can still access Minerva by any of the following means:

  • Bookmark the Minerva User Login screen !
    Tip: This bookmark will always work as long as the Minerva application is available, regardless of the availability of the McGill web pages, the myMcGill portal, or the IT Knowledge Base.
  • Sign into the myMcGill portal (https://mymcgill.mcgill.ca) and click on the Minerva tab.
    Tip: Once logged into the portal, you can access several applications including Minerva, Library Accounts, Classroom AV Instructions, and others without logging in again.
  • Navigate to it: on the McGill Home page (www.mcgill.ca) in the Key sites, maps and directories pull down menu. Click on the link to "Minerva Login" to go directly to the Minerva User Login screen.
  • From the IT Knowledge Base; several Minerva-related articles contain a link to the Minerva Login screen, including the service description for Minerva for Faculty and Staff .
  • From other McGill web sites: some sites now display the familiar Login to Minerva icon.

What happens to links which point to the Minerva for Faculty and Staff web pages?

All links from websites, emails, or PDF files to the Minerva for Faculty and Staff web site are now automatically redirected to the equivalent IT Knowledge Base article.

Any printed material referring to the web site should be updated with the correct URLs.  If you are responsible for printed materials published by your department, you should email ICSTechWriters [at] campus.mcgill.ca (ICS Tech Writers) to request the proper link format to use in printed materials.


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