Maintenance: Power transfer in Ferrier Bldg Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct 7 & 8, 6:00 am


On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, October 7 & 8, at  6:00 am, a planned power transfer will take place in the Ferrier Building involving hydro and generator support in the NCS Data/Telecomm room.  This has been carefully planned and all preventive measures have been put in place to avoid the possibility of a telephone system failure. Shutdown is expected to last 10 to 20 minutes, during which time UPS (generators) are expected to support the systems.


The McGill telephone system and the access to the public telephone network should not be affected.  As a precaution, CallPilot will be disabled, which means that access to voicemail boxes will not be available.


Servers located in Ferrier will be turned off during the transfer and their counterparts in Burnside will take over. Behind the scenes work will start late Monday, with the transfer Tuesday. NCS  will have several representatives on site to ensure a smooth transfer. However, as with any procedure that involves electrical work, there is a possibility that some services, telephone or data, may be interrupted.


We appreciate your patience during this maintenance period.