IT Security Alert: Beware of CONFICKER.C worm


The latest variant of the Conficker worm, known as Conficker.C, is set to be activated on April 1, 2009. This worm can allegedly stop processes that will attempt to detect and/or remove it.

To help mitigate infection, please ensure that you have completed the following steps:

  • Confirm installation of all critical Windows Security updates.
  • Trend AntiVirus client is running the following versions or higher:
    o   Scan engine version 8.911
    o   Pattern file 5.909
  • Consider disabling autorun, refer to Microsoft Support article
  • Scan all external media devices such as USB keys.
  • Consider backing up all your files, storing office documents on your departmental share and securely storing CDs, DVDs and other storage media.

If you think your computer has been infected contact the ICS Service Desk at 514-398-3398.