IT Alert: Fraudulent "Phishing" Email


Please note that there is a fraudulent email message being circulated that requests that you click on a link. If you receive this message do not reply to it or click on the link provided. DELETE the message immediately.  Legitimate emails from McGill would never make this type of request.

IT Services has blocked access to these links from campus, but you will not be prevented from opening them from off-campus.

The fraudulent email looks like this:


From: McGill University "mmartinezj [at] ips.gob.l"
Subject: Email Alert
Reply To: no-reply [at]

Dear Client,

This notice is to alert all webmail mail users that there has been a recent flaw in our mail server. Due to this downtime most email relays will be delayed. Some accounts will be unable to receive mails.

Our technicians have fixed this problem but in other to migrate to the new server manual update is required from you as the email owner. This update is simple as it only requires you to login.

Please click or open the link below and login to have your account successfully migrated to the newly repaired server.

Thanks for your understanding. Please remember that in a few days the old server will shutdown. Any email account that has not been updated will become unfunctional.

Thanks. TEAM