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Published: 2Aug2017

Introducing D2

As of August 2nd, 2017, D2 is the main web-based document management solution used at McGill for creating, managing and publishing electronic documents. D2 is the replacement solution for CenterStage, which lost vendor support in spring 2017.

D2 can be used with a wide range of document types ranging from text documents, to spreadsheets, slideshow presentations, images, media files, etc. This service is available to all McGill employees and is especially useful for activities related to meetings, committees and projects.  A separate D2 "space" is created for each unique project or activity and members are given access and permissions to view, edit, add and remove content, depending on their roles and responsibilities.

Click here to access the D2 login page.

Why should I use D2?

D2 has been developed with a strong focus on a modern, highly intuitive user interface and offers a number of valuable features. There are a multitude of advantages for using a document management solution like D2:

  • Collaborate with small or large groups of people to create and share documents.
  • Manage access to documents based on user roles and customizable permissions.
  • Easily store and retrieve documents with features like keywords and full-text search.
  • Keep track of different document versions.
  • Import/export an entire folder structure.
  • Personalize your workspace via customizable widgets.
  • Automate document lifecycles.
  • Develop basic and complex workflows for documents.
  • Access files and documents anytime and anywhere.

How do I request a D2 space?

Simply fill out the online D2 Request Form.

How do I get more information?

For more information about D2, how to request access and sign up for training: see the Document Management Solutions IT Knowledge Base article.

For more information about the D2 project and the transition from CenterStage to the new system: please follow the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Blog.


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