IT Services enhances classroom AV support


Published: 8Nov2013
Support calls for classroom AV equipment

In Fall 2013, IT Services changed its approach to providing technological support to classrooms with the goal of improving the efficacy of our service. We now are able to dispatch 25 additional technicians (21 downtown and 4 at Macdonald campus), from 10 different locations (as opposed to one location on the downtown campus), to provide live assistance when the problem is not solvable through a telephone consultation.

As a result of this new approach, there was a 19% reduction in the number of calls that had to be escalated to AV specialists, who primarily deal with repair and replacement of non-functioning AV equipment.

Support call distribution

  • Fall 2012 - 30% of classroom AV equipment support calls were escalated to AV equipment specialists
  • Fall 2013 - Only 11% needed to be escalated to specialists. 89% of classroom AV support calls were either resolved over the telephone or by the newly added "first responders".

We are happy to have achieved these significant results and hope to continually improve your experience in the classroom.