Changes to Minerva Reports: Security enhancements require system shutdown


Security enhancements for Minerva Reports

What new behaviour you can expect to see

Searching for, navigating through and opening the reports you need to access will not change. You may encounter the following screen when you are accessing a report, either because you are not authorized to see the report or because you waited too long before opening the report:

Either your report request timed out or you don't have access to this report.
If you believe you have access, try re-selecting the report from the report tree.
If you still do not have access, contact your report security administrator.

Please be patient and follow the instructions when you see this message. Security enhancements require that the reports screen times out after you are idle for 5 minutes.

When you access a report that you need to save

NOTE: Saving a copy of reports you access is not encouraged because of the confidential information reports often contain. If you must save a report, it can only be stored on your departmental network folders. Do not save it to your desktop, your C drive or as an email attachment.

Previously, when you saved Minerva reports, you could use the report's file name. This is no longer possible (except for .pdf reports, which will continue to allow users to save using the report's file name).

Now, when you try to save the report you've accessed, the Save As dialogue will appear with an all-purpose default report name in the File name field (for example: "cgi…") or with nothing at all in the field. You must choose how you will name the report you are saving.

Users are reminded to take all necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of personal data. Personal data includes IDs, PIDMs and other identifying items like names and email addresses.

Remember that reports which contain personal data can ONLY be saved to your network, not copied to your desktop or attached to emails.