Changes to McGill Channels - University News and Events


IT Services is launching a new Channels system to post and distribute News and Events across the McGill Web Management System (WMS).  As of 7:00 am on Monday, September 3, the old McGill Channels system will be closed and all existing Channels news/announcements/events listings will be migrated into the new system, which will be available in the WMS on Tuesday, September 4. 

What will change for readers:

  • Once the new Channels system is implemented, you will notice a new interface on the Channels hub page (, where you can search for news and events by Category and Tag (keywords). 
  • Any links to specific Channels postings will be broken; they have a new URL structure in the new system. To correct your links, find the old posting from the Channels hub page ( and copy the new URL from the address bar.
  • RSS feeds will change and you will have to resubscribe to new feeds. For instructions, see Subscribing to RSS feeds for McGill Channels.