Burnside Hall Data Centre major UPS inspection - 10 pm, July 22 - 2 am, July 23


We are planning to have a major inspection on the two Powerware 160 UPSs in the NCS computer room. To perform the inspection, each unit is taken offline and power is provided at that point only by Hydro-Québec. The movement of the units offline is done without any interruption in electricity, hence will not affect any servers or central systems housed in our computer room. The inspection takes about 2 hours per unit. We have done these inspections yearly for the last six years and the operation will be performed by our UPS supplier. Although the risk is low, any Hydro problems during the inspection may affect the servers and major services housed in our computer room. Following Facilities Management advice, we will have the building generator on standby to kick in should we encounter problems with Hydro. This might cause reboots of some servers and temporary interruptions of service. Please contact the NCS operations supervisor at opsupv.ncs [at] mcgill.ca or at 398-3690 if you have any questions about this work.