Alumni: reset your McGill Password


Back in April, you may have heard of the Heartbleed vulnerability and its potential impact on McGill. All of McGill’s central IT systems have been evaluated, and updates were applied where needed. Since it is always a good practice to periodically change passwords, we encourage you to reset your McGill Password at this time. 

When changing your McGill Password, remember to make it complex (try adding symbols and numbers), and unique (don’t use the same password for online banking, cloud storage, social media, etc.). If you currently use the same password for several online accounts, you may wish to change those as well. That way, even if one online account is compromised in the future, all of your other accounts will be secure.

To reset your McGill Password, log into Minerva, and go to the Personal Menu > Password for McGill Username. The onscreen instructions include a link to the McGill Password Reset Checklist which help you identify various IT services, such as wireless or your email client, where you might have saved your McGill Password. 

Quick links:

If you experience any problems following the checklist or changing your password, please contact McGill's IT Service Desk at ITsupport [at] or by telephone at 514-398-3398.