Phishing scam: "Notification: You have a new message!"

Published: 5Sep2017

There is a phishing email targeting the McGill community, with the subject "Notification: You have a new message!" and signature "Accounts Team". The message asks the recipient to confirm a request...

Phishing scam: "IT Security Shutdown. Re-confirm!"

Published: 20Sep2017

There is a phishing email circulating at McGill, with the subject "IT Security Shutdown. Re-confirm!". The message states that an update is being carried out for every Office 365 account and to...

Phishing scam: "Validation Required Within 48 Hrs"

Published: 14Sep2017

There is a phishing email targeting the McGill community, with the subject "Validation Required Within 48 Hrs". The message asks recipients to update their contact information by clicking on a...

UPDATE: BitDefender Threat Scanner – Error message

Published: 6Feb2018

UPDATE: The resolution of this issue is in progress. More information will follow soon. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

UPDATE: Webtop and UApply - problem resolved

Published: 22Feb2018

UPDATE 10:45 AM: Webtop can now be accessed and documents can be updloaded in uApply....

WMS and WP downtime Mon Feb 26, 2018


There will be scheduled maintenance of the database servers for the Web Management System (WMS), and the evening of Monday February 26, 2018./itCategory: IT...

Data Privacy Cartoon Caption Contest

Published: 15Feb2018

How clever are you when it comes to data privacy?...

RESOLVED: Problem accessing Lecture Recordings from myCourses

Published: 19Feb2018

The problem reported earlier has now been resolved. Lecture recordings are once again accessible from myCourses....

Brown Bag Series - Microsoft Forms


This month’s edition of McGill's IT Services' Office 365 Brown Bag Series introduces you to Microsoft Forms.