Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise Application Services (EAS) - Organization ChartEnterprise Application Services (EAS) - Organization Chart

Enterprise Application Services' (EAS) mission is to:

  • Promote, enable, and work with units across the university to incorporate enterprise-wide applications into administrative functions;
  • Facilitate access, use, exchange and management of administrative information resources;
  • Provide and operate enterpriseĀ applications infrastructure and service;
  • Supply systems development and systems management expertise;
  • Facilitate and promote information systems development in departments through specification of architectures, standards and development of local expertise.
Note: Within EAS, the Business Production team evaluates and initiates the development of workflow automation procedures in a multi-platform environment at McGill. To find out more and to request the services of this group, visit the Business Production web site.

Contact us: To view EAS employee names and contact information, consult our Staff Directory.