Setrag Manoukian

Associate Professor

Joint appointment Islamic Studies/Anthroplogy

Setrag Manoukian is an anthropologist interested in knowledge and its relationship with power, understood both as existential and social force. He approaches cities, poems, videos and other technologies as forms of knowledge with specific existential trajectories and attends to their historicity. His area of speciality is Iran. He is looking for ways to pursue Giambattista Vico’s combination of anthropology and philology. 

Research Interests

Knowledge; historicity; ethnography of texts; semiotics; critical theory; technology; poetry; power; anthropology and history of Iran.

Representative Publications

___. 2013. “The Ruins of the Others: History and Modernity in Iran” In Modernity’s Classics. S.H. Humphreys and R.G. Wagner eds. Springer, Heidelberg. 

___. 2012. City of Knowledge in Twentieth Century Iran: Shiraz, History, and Poetry. Routledge Publishers, London. 

___. 2011. “Wanderings Beyond Codification and Desire,” in Anthrohistory. Unsettling Knowledge, Questioning Discipline. Edward Murphy, Chandra D. Bhimull, Fernando Coronil, Monica Eileen Patterson and Julie Skurski eds. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

___. 2011. “Two Forms of Temporality in Contemporary Iran” in Sociologica 3, 1-17.

___. 2010. “Where is this Place? Crowds, Audio-Vision and Poetry in Postelection Iran.” Public Culture 22. 2: 237-263.

___. 2006. “Cose di Casa: Modalità di Esposizione e Costruzione dei Sessi a Shiraz” [Things at Home: Display and the Construction of Sex in Shiraz] Quaderni del Cream. Milano, 133-168.

___. 2004. “Culture, Power and Poetry in Shiraz” ISIM 14, 40-41.

___. 2003. S. Manoukian ed. Etno-grafie: testi oggetti immagini [Ethno-graphies: Texts, Objects, Images], Roma, Meltemi.

___. 2002. A. Bellagamba and S. Manoukian eds. Colonialismo a thematic issue of the yearbook Annuario Antropologia, Roma, Meltemi.

___. 2001. “Transitando fra codici: Antropologia, Medio Oriente ed Orientalismo in Italia.” [Across the codes: Anthropology, Middle East and Orientalism in Italy] Quaderni Asiatici, 89-112, Milano.

___.1991. L'Argento di un Povero Cuore: Centouno Ghazal di Sa‘dî Shirâzî [the Silver of a Poor Heart: a Hundred and One Ghazals of Sa‘dî Shirazi].  Roma: Cultural Institute of Iran, 273 pp. (Reviewed in the journal Iranian Studies 32.1 by Richard Davis).