Student Associations

There are two student associations related to the Program of Latin American Studies at McGill:

SLASA is a student-driven organization based in Montreal, Canada. They serve as a social and professional network for the Spanish and Latin American students at McGill University where they have been active since 1989. Throughout the year, they organize many events and activities to celebrate and share our culture as well as to promote the academic success of Spanish-speaking McGill students and integrate our members into the greater Montreal community. They also do social work throughout the academic year and summer to help the Latino community in Montreal and in other Latin American countries like Mexico. 

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CLASHSA, the Caribbean and Latin American Studies & Hispanic Studies Association represents the students enrolled in major, minor, honours, and joint-honours undergraduate degrees in the Latin American and Caribbean Studies & Hispanic Studies Programs at McGill University. Throughout the year, they organize different events and activities to promote exchanges among students of the Programs, opportunities related to Latin America and the Caribbean, and networking among students and professors. 

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CLASHSA is also responsible for the edition of VOCES an interdisciplinary undergraduate journal showcasing undergraduate work related to Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Hispanic Studies at McGill University.

You can read the latest editions of VOCES at VOCES