Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Undergraduate Program Options

The interdisciplinary program in Latin-American and Caribbean Studies (LACS)allows a focus on the peoples, cultures, history, literature, politics, economy, and geography of Latin America and the Caribbean, providing students with a broad-based understanding of the region and with the language and research skills required for advanced scholarship. The LACS program offers both an interdisciplinary Major Concentration and an interdisciplinary Honours degree. There is presently no interdisciplinary Minor Concentration in Latin-American & Caribbean Studies.

If you have any questions related to the Program, please contact fernanda.macchi [at] (Prof. Fernanda Macchi)

Note: Newly admitted students from CEGEP or new LACS students who have AP or university credits in Spanish Language courses will need to take a placement test. Please see the Hispanic Studies website.

Graduate Options

McGill University does not presently offer an interdisciplinary graduate degree in Latin American Studies, although graduate work may be done in several departments: Hispanic Studies, History, Political Science, and Geography.

An agreement of cooperation with the Centre for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.) permits Honours students in Latin-American & Caribbean Studies at McGill to count a portion of their undergraduate coursework toward the degree requirements for Georgetown's Accelerated M.A. Program. Students from Latin American Studies (Honours) program at McGill, may be able to complete their M.A. at Georgetown in 1 year.