Our company is just starting to develop it’s global strategy for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.  This program provided an excellent grounding in how this field has developed and an opportunity to understand what others are doing in this area.  What was extremely valuable was the dialogue with the other participants which included a diverse range from business to NGO’s, from all parts of the world.   I left the week much better equipped to effectively lead our organization in this area.
Jay K. Grewal, Capstone Mining Corporation

McGill has once more innovated and contributed significantly towards bringing debates of universal relevance into a practical classroom format.  Building our collective knowledge across the various families of stakeholders in the socio-economic … constitutes an essential step towards building effective partnerships, an important requisite for sustainable and durable development.
Louis Guay, Senior Fellow, Saint Paul University

The McGill ISID Exec course on CSR was an excellent experience for me and my team from Peru as it masterfully bridged the various theories, practices and results....The course was particularly remarkable in that we learned as much from the other participants as from the speakers.
Joanne Freeze, CEO Candente Copper

McGill's executive program on corporate social responsibility brought together senior managers from industry, government and NGOs to discuss how responsible behavior is not only critical to an organization's reputation, it can also be a powerful organizational tool and provide real advantage over the competition. ... [t]he ... program provided unique insight into how well-developed CSR practices can resolve longstanding land-tenure disputes
Tim Friesen, Communications Director, San Gold Corporation

The ISID ... Corporate Social Responsibility course was a tremendous experience for me because of the quality of the lecturers and the experience of the participants. The presence of mining, government and NGO executives together made for a lively debate based on real situations in various parts of the world.
Alain Berranger, Board of Directors, Centre for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI)

The course on Corporate Social Responsibility organized by ISID was a powerful and wonderful experience on many levels. There were consistently excellent speakers and a remarkable gathering of participants from many sectors and different countries.  … I was able to further my professional development skills which I will be able to apply within my own work place the Northern Ireland Rural Development Council to advance rural regeneration with good relations/corporate social responsibility outputs.
Joy Hadden, Deputy Chief Executive - Northern Ireland Rural Development Council

The four-day course on International Development organized by ISID was a powerful experience on many levels. There were consistently excellent speakers and a remarkable gathering of active participants from many walks of life and different countries……How ISID achieved that huge goal to the satisfaction of so many is actually baffling to me -- but they succeeded with flying colours. Now I personally feel I have a much stronger base on which to act in my fields of interest within International Development.
Guy Tombs, Guy Tombs Limited (Montreal based global shipping company)

I honestly had a great week at McGill! The diverse and experienced list of speakers that you had for us were knowledgeable, eye-opening and in many cases truly inspiring! I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the people attending the course.
Lamis Sabrah, Manager International Program, Reach Out to Asia - Qatar Foundation

The faculty at McGill’s ISID successfully combined theoretical approaches, policy issues and practical insights from a variety of perspectives and practical experiences. Their critical appraisal of international development introduced me to new ways of thinking. The course attracted long-standing development practitioners seeking to stay abreast of the issues and those seeking to enter the field. Our lively engagements were deeply enriched by our diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences. I left with resources, a connectedness to amazing people and a renewed commitment to re-enter the field.
Samiera Zafar, Research & Knowledge Management – PALAMA, Government of South Africa

What I will cherish most from this program was the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion on international development issues with a broad cross-section of participants. As a development practitioner working for a federal agency, I found it very enriching to exchange perspectives in a relaxed environment with people from the private sector, NGOs and even with those new to the field. It was a very valuable learning experience and I would recommend it to other practitioners who are keen on putting their own assumptions, ideas and cumulative knowledge to the test.
Christopher Braeuel, Canadian International Development Agency

Excellence would be the best word that describes ISID’s executive program in International Development…The speakers were remarkable and inspiring and the diverse backgrounds and nationalities of the participants helped to make the program all the more interesting and relevant. The organization of the program was exceptional and allowed for students to concentrate and make important connections to the various dimensions of international development. This was one of the most valuable life-time experiences for me and I would recommend the program to anyone who shares the same interest and desire to make a difference in the world.
Manuela Clément-Frencia, 60 Million Girls Foundation

The International Development Executive Certificate Program was a great success. Putting together a group of participants from so many different areas of international development created a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Also, the experience, background diversity and quality of the Subject matter experts were outstanding. The pace of the Program, the examples used and the frank and open presentations made this experience much more than a theory based training session.
Bernard Brie, Canada Border Services Agency