2018-2019 Speaker Series

The ISID speaker series, generously funded by the Erin Jellel Collins Arsenault Trust, brings together students, academics, and professionals in the McGill community to engage with the research topics of leading academics in various International Development subfields. Meetings are typically held on Thursdays at 12:30pm and last for 1h30 min, unless otherwise specified. 

Fall 2018 / Winter 2018Fall 2017

Fall 2018 Events

Date Time Location Speakers Title
Sep 13

12:30 - 2PM

ARTS 160

Omar Dewachi

Associate Professor, Public Health, American University of Beirut

Ungovernable Life: The Making and Unmaking of Iraq's Healthcare

Sep 27

12:30 - 2PM

PETH 116

Felipe Valencia

Assistant Professor, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia

Tordesillas, Slavery and the Origins of Brazilian Inequality

Oct 4

12:30 - 2PM

ARTS 160

Alexandra Delano

Associate Professor and Chair of Global Studies, The New School

From Here and There: Diaspora Policies, Integration and Social Rights beyond Borders

Oct 18

12:30 - 2PM

ARTS 160

Miriam Ticktin

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, The New School

Care Beyond Innocence

Oct 25

12:30 - 2PM

PETH 116

Roschanack Shaery-Yazdi

Professor of History, Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts

Former Detainees and the Politics of Recognition in Postwar Lebanon

Nov 15 12:30 - 2PM PETH 116

Elissar Sarrouh

Professor of Practice, Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University

Business for Development: A Paradigm Shift of Opportunities and Risks
Nov 29 12:30 - 2PM ARTS 160

Amahl Bishara

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Tufts University

Prison & A Palestinian Practice Against Borders



Winter 2018 Events

Date Time Location Speakers Title
Jan 11

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Yann le Polain de Waroux
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and ISID, McGill University

The displacement of deforestation by new environmental regulations in the South American Gran Chaco

Jan 25

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Katherine Bersch
Postdoctoral Fellow, ISID, McGill University

Bureaucratic Autonomy in Brazilian Federal Agencies: Development and Decay

Feb 8

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Rosemary Nagy
Associate Professor, Gender Equality & Social Justice, Nipissing University

Settler Witnessing at the TRC

Feb 15

12:30 - 2 PM

WILSON WPROOM (room 118)

Jean François Mayer
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Concordia University; Co-director, the Montreal Latin American Studies Network (RÉLAM) and the Research Group on Inclusion and Governance in Latin America (ÉRIGAL) 

Combating Invisibility: Routinized Violence and Repertoire of Everyday Resistance among Domestic Workers in Brazil

Feb 22

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Francisco Costa
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV/EPGE)

Stop Suffering: Economic Downturns and Pentecostal Upsurge

Mar 15

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Eric Edmonds
Professor, Department of Economics, Dartmouth University; Faculty Lead, Human Development Initiative, John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding

CANCELLED.  Coercion, Inequality, and Revolution in the Nepali Plains

Apr 5

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Matthew Taylor
Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University

State Capitalism, Democracy, and Scandal: The Political Economy of Brazil, 1985-2018



Fall 2017 Events

Date Time Location Speakers Title
Sep 14 12:30 - 2 PM

PETH 116

Anne McNevin 
Associate Professor, Department of Politics, The New School

Migration, Mobility, Movement: New Horizons of the Possible

Sep 21

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Mushfiq Mobarak
Professor, Department of Economics and School of Management, Yale University

No Lean Season: Encouraging Seasonal Migration to Address Income Insecurity

Oct 19

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

Fayyaz Baqir
O’Brien Fellow at the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism and ISID, McGill University

Poverty Alleviation: The Bird’s Eye View and the Worm’s Eye View

Oct 26

12:30 - 2 PM

ARTS 160

David McKenzie
Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

Growing Markets through Business Training for Female Entrepreneurs: A Market-Level Randomized Experiment in Kenya

Nov 2 11:30 - 1 PM ARTS 160 Conor Seyle
Director of Research, One Earth Future Foundation

Peace and Governance: Unpacking the Relationships Between Governance Structure and Function, Security, and Development Internationally

Nov 9

12:30 - 2 PM

PETH 116

Maple Razsa
Associate Professor, Departments of Global Studies and Anthropology, Colby College

Nadia El-Shaarawi 
Assistant Professor, Department of Global Studies, Colby College

Insurgent Mobilities: Migrants and Activists Building the Balkan Route

Nov 16

11:30 - 1 PM

ARTS 160

Caitlin Procter
Research Fellow, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University and DPhil Candidate, Department of International Development, Oxford University 

'Here We Are the Walking Dead': Understanding the Migration Aspirations of Refugee Youth in Gaza