Pathways to Support for Education Students

ISA works to support success for students in all aspects of their program: academics, field, and extracurricular/student life.

Our mandate:

  • Students are referred to the appropriate resource.
  • Student concerns are addressed sensitively and confidentially and do not have grading implications.
  • We provide information on informal and formal conflict resolution or complaint procedures. 
Courses or Instructors
  1. Instructor
  2. Department offering the course
  3. Academic Advisor
Program, Course Choice
  1. Academic Advisor
  2. Program Director
Student Teaching
  1. Field Supervisor
  2. Placement Coordinator
  3. ISA Officer or Director

(Peer who needs support or a conflict with a peer)

  1. ISA Officer or Director
  2. Dean of Students
  1. University support services
  2. Dean of Students


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