The content on this page is only relevant for students interested in undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Education (B.A.(Education), B.Ed. and B.Sc. Kin). Students interested in undergraduate programs in other Faculties should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.

Next Steps

A full list of pre-arrival steps can be found on the "I've Been Accepted" website.


Take note there is an extra step not mentioned at the above site!

If you are an international student in a B.Ed. program or the B.A. (Education) program, a valid "Co-op Internship Work Permit" from CIC is required for your Student Teaching (EDFE) courses-Instructions.

  • Student Teaching starts in late November of U1 for most B.Ed. students. 
  • Students in the B.A (Education) program are expected to take their internship course during the Summer of the second year. 
  • Note that a medical exam by a designated CIC physician is required because you will be working with children.

Important to know before registering for courses!

  1. Using Minerva (help & tips here!), register for at least one course by the mid-August registration deadline to avoid late fees. Don't worry, you can adjust your course choice if necessary after attending the Faculty Orientation & Advising sessions or meeting with an adviser. The final date for course changes is called the "Add/Drop Deadline", and falls about 2 weeks after the start of courses every term. See Important Dates.
  2. Students are urged to register for both the Fall and Winter semesters as soon as registration opens: Important Dates lists the official dates.
  3. Students are responsible for being aware of all regulations and deadlines as published in the eCalendar.
  4. Minerva does not necessarily prevent students from registering for courses that they should not take. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of prerequisites, co-requisites, restrictions, and faculty regulations that apply to the courses in which they register.

What Courses Should I Take?

Students in the B.Ed., B.A. Education, or B.Sc. Kinesiology programs must follow the plan of study for each program for each semester. These programs are highly structured and sequential; any change to the sequence of required courses should only be done after consultation with your adviser. Otherwise you risk delaying your term of graduation. The year-by-year program plans and course requirements for newly admitted students are found on your Department's page:  

Students admitted from CEGEP: register for the courses listed in the "Fall Year 1" and "Winter Year 1" blocks.

Students admitted from high school: Students who have not completed Quebec CEGEP or other university level courses are admitted into Year "0", the Foundation Year. Do not register for "Year 1" courses. See Foundation U0 Students for guidelines. The department page for your program has tips about good courses to choose too! 

Students admitted on the basis of previous university studies: register for the courses listed in the "Fall Year 1"and "Winter Year 1" blocks. Review the information on Advanced Standing, and attend an advising session to discuss any adjustments you may need to make based on the specific courses for which you have been granted equivalency.  

Special note about Field Experience for B.Ed. Students

Field Experience is a required course for U1 B.Ed. students. The B.Ed. is designed so that when you are on Field Experience for several weeks, the specific Education courses on your term-by-term plan will stop, change day or time, etc to avoid a schedule conflict. Be sure to follow this plan exactly--other McGill courses don't pause for Field Experience, and no absences are permitted from your assigned elementary or secondary school. 




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