How Placements are Determined

General Process

  • B.Ed. Field Experiences (FEs) and MATL Internships (INs) are arranged by the Internships & Student Affairs Office (ISA) Placement Coordinators and take place in host schools within school boards or private schools in the Greater Montreal region
  • For all programs, except TESL, students are placed in Anglophone schools as they are being certified in English competency by the Ministry of Education; TESL students are placed in Francophone schools where ESL is taught (see note below about opportunity to be placed in a French school for B.Ed. FE4)
  • Students are instructed by e-mail to complete an online placement form where they can make suggestions as to which schools they would like to be placed at; this information allows the ISA to send requests to appropriate schools
  • Please note, students may not be placed in a host school where they have family members either attending or working in any capacity; all such potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed by students on their placement form; failure to disclose may result in early dismissal from the FE/IN
  • In addition, students are not permitted to contact potential host schools or Co-operating Teachers to make arrangements for placements (with the exception of MATL students seeking a contract) as this is prohibited by the contract between McGill University and each private school or school board
  • Once a request has been sent, the Principal/Administrator/School Board will then attempt to pair student teachers with eligible/available Co-operating Teachers (CTs) who have indicated a willingness to mentor; Co-operating Teachers must be approved by their Principal as suitable mentors and should have at least 5 years of teaching experience
  • Where a school preference is indicated, the ISA makes every effort to place students with one of the schools they have noted on their placement form, however, this is not always possible due to the supply of placements 
  • Where no school preference is indicated, the ISA makes every effort to place them within a school board near their home address (as indicated in Minerva), however, this is not always possible due to the supply of placements
  • For any student teachers who are not matched with a host school after the initial round of requests, the ISA approaches different schools until a placement is located
  • If a student teacher chooses not to accept the first placement that they are offered, the ISA Office will not arrange a different placement and the Field Experience or Internship may have to be delayed

Additional Considerations

  • Where appropriate, students will be placed in different grades/cycles throughout their program to ensure a variety of experience
  • Students in TESL, Music, and Phys. Ed. will do FE3 or FE4 at either the elementary or secondary level and vice-versa (i.e. if FE3 is elementary, FE4 must be secondary) 
  • Increasingly, most Anglophone schools offer various courses in a French Immersion or bilingual context; students are asked to indicate on their placement form if they are comfortable teaching these environments so that they may be placed accordingly
  • Students in FE1 are placed in a cohort group with the exception of Physical Education students who are placed in pairs 
  • Students in any B.Ed. FE may be paired (this excludes MATL Internship students)
  • Students in all B.Ed. FEs and MATL INs may only request placement in a French school for FE4 and IN2 (this excludes TESL students)
  • Students in the B.Ed. K/Elem PIF program must complete FE3 and FE4 in a French Immersion classroom context within an English school; K/Elem PIF students may be placed in an English K/Elem classroom for FE1 or FE2, as need dictates
  • Students cannot go to the same host school for FE3 and FE4 (B.Ed.) or IN1 and IN2, unless on contract for one/both Internships (MATL)
  • Alternative school placements are permitted for B.Ed. FE2 and FE4, as well as MATL Internship 2; however, the decision about whether to place a student in this context is at the discretion of the ISA Director 
  • Adult education centre placements are permitted for B.Ed. FE 4, as well as MATL Internship 2; however, the decision about whether to place a student in this context is at the discretion of the ISA Director     
  • Distance placements (i.e outside of Greater Montreal) are permitted for B.Ed. FE4; MATL Internship students are not eligible to complete distance placements