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Student Teaching COVID-19 & Spring 2020 Contingency Plan FAQ

Prior to reviewing the FAQ section, please verify the Tentative Placement Contingency Plan for the 2020-21 academic year by clicking here. Note that future changes to this plan are possible.

When will I get placement details?
Every year, you receive placement details 1-2 weeks before the placement. As you know, schools close for approximately 6 weeks in the summer. We cannot finalize any placements until schools reopen. We are in the process of confirming field supervisors and finalizing placement details. You will get information about your field placement from your placement coordinators soon.

Can I teach a subject outside of my subject profile?
The Quebec Ministry of Education has accredited the Faculty of Education to offer our programs leading to teacher certification. Teacher candidates in the B.Ed and MATL programs must complete 700 hours of student teaching in their registered subject area in order to be considered for the eligible a Brevet (teaching certification). We recognize however, that in classrooms in English school boards, the cooperating teachers we work with do not always have a complete teaching load in the subject profile of the teacher candidate. In cases like this we first ask the school if it is possible for the teacher candidate to also work with a second cooperating to teacher who teaches the same subject as the teacher candidate. If this is not possible, we examine the cooperating teacher’s full teaching load. If the cooperating teacher’s teaching load falls within the same field of study (e.g. English and Social Studies or Math & Science), we look at the number of available hours, the suitability of those hours and the possibility of extending the placement (within the confines of the academic term) to ensure the teacher candidate attains enough hours in that placement. We cannot offer placements in subject areas that we are not accredited to offer (e.g. French in the MATL program).

 How will field supervision work in the fall term?
McGill and the ISA have and continue to closely follow the guidelines recommended by the Quebec Public Health Authority to ensure the safety of its students and employees. We recognize that to protect the health and safety of staff and students, schools may be minimizing the numbers of visitors in schools. As such, ISA has decided to exceptionally alter the format for supervision for this Fall and allow Field Supervisors to carry out their assignments remotely/at a distance, in-person at the host schools or a combination of both formats (i.e. online and in-person). We are providing in-service training for all field supervisors to ensure that they can provide you with high quality supervision. Once your supervisor is assigned, they will contact you with more information.

 What should I do if I think I have COVID-19 during my field placement?
If you are showing flu-like symptoms, please call 1-877-644-4545 immediately and isolate yourself from others. Based on your symptoms and travel history, a health care professional will advise you on the best course of action. McGill students and employees should also consult the COVID-19 self-declaration form and procedures.

  • Call 1-877-644-4545 for instructions.
  • Based on the instructions received from Info-Santé, the individual may be required to self-isolate for a certain period and/or get tested.
  • Complete the Confirmation of Illness for Field Placements form. Send to your Placement Coordinator.
  • Follow all school and school board protocols as required.

If I have to quarantine for 2 weeks/10 Days, what will happen to my field placement?
Provided the constraints of the term allow, additional time may be added to your current or future placements to ensure that you have obtained the number of student teaching hours required by the Ministry of Education in order to be recommended for the Brevet. If you have quarantined as a result of a positive test for COVID-19, schools may require you to present a negative test before re-entering the school. It is possible that a prolonged absence may result in a field placement having to be retaken at a later date.

What if I want to defer my field placement?
If you wish to defer your field placement, there are several options available to you. Please contact your academic advisor to discuss those options. If you are currently registered for a field placement and will be withdrawing for the fall term, please inform your [at] (placement coordinator) as soon as possible.

Can I do my placement online?
The Ministry of Education has not endorsed online learning as option for most Quebec students. In keeping with this, no school is able to currently offer a student teaching placement online. If that situation changes, then we will work to secure those placements. Please keep in mind, that if these opportunities are permissible by the Ministry of Education and offered by schools, they could be in a very limited capacity.

When will we be able to apply for the IPSS scholarship?
Currently the Quebec Ministry of Education has not released information about 2020-21 iteration of the IPSS scholarships. Once they do provide us with information, we will communicate the application process and relevant deadlines to all eligible students.

When will we know when to register for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 placements?
The ISA Office will notify students by their McGill email address when it is time to register. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their inbox.

I was supposed to take FE1 and FE2 this Spring, and then FE3 in Fall. Can I take them all together in Fall?
No. There is not enough time in the Fall semester to complete all three placements. Please contact your placement coordinator and your academic advisor to discuss your study plan.

If I am doing FE2 and FE3 back-to-back this Fall, will I be placed at the same school? 
Yes, this is ISA’s preference to accommodate the influx of placements we will be accommodating in the Fall, but please note that this depends on CT and host school availability.

Will students that only need to do FE3 in Fall be following the same schedule (and start date) posted for FE3 as students doing FE2 and FE3 back to back? 
Yes, FE3 will begin after FE2 this Fall. Please click here to verify the dates.

I plan to complete FE2 and FE3 back-to-back. By what date should I arrive in Montreal? 
FE2 Professional Seminar courses begin online on August 24, 2020. 

I am a PE student and was intending on doing FE3 this Fall. With FE3 PE postponed* to Fall 2021 according to the new contingency plan, what can I take this Fall? If I have a few courses to complete, should I sign up for those courses this Fall instead of FE3? 
Please discuss this with your academic advisor.
*Some exceptions apply (ex: students who already finished FE2 before Summer 2020 and have passed the EETC exam)

What will be the impact on FE4 in Winter 2021?
We are hoping that there will not be an impact on FE4. However, placement availability depends entirely on host school availability. Should government mandated closures be further extended, then FE4 placements may be impacted. Rest assured that the ISA Office are trying to limit the repercussions of any potential impact.

Will FE4 Winter 2021 still be available to be completed as a distance placement? 
At present, with the growing complexity of our placements situation, it is too early to plan for distant placements. More information regarding distant placements will be available in September/October.

How will MATL IN1 and IN2 be impacted for the 2020-2021 academic year? 
We are not presently anticipating changes to the IN1 nor IN2 schedule. IN1 and IN2 will continue as planned, though this is subject to change as details regarding school closures continue to evolve.

I registered and completed the placement form for FE2 Spring 2020. Do I have to re-register and fill out a new placement form for FE2 in the Fall?
Yes. Students will be notified when they should re-register and will receive a new placement form. Please drop FE2 immediately if you have not done so. The deadline to drop Spring 2020 FE2 is April 17 2020.

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