Freshman (U0) Students

Students admitted from high school must complete Year 0 (U0), the Freshman Year.

After completing 30 credits of courses in your Freshman (U0) year, you will start following the highly structured Year 1 course plan for your degree B.Ed or B.Sc Kin degree.

Bachelor of Education Freshman Course Selection

Freshman students entering a B Ed program do not have a defined set of courses that they must take but should always select from courses at the 100 or 200 level. Courses with course numbers between 100 and 199 are 100 level courses (e.g. ATOC 181); courses with course numbers between 200 and 299 are  200 level courses (e.g. HIST 206).

Your department also recommends some specific courses depending on your chosen teaching subject area. See "Freshman Program Advising" on the Newly Admitted Students page for your degree: 

Language courses 

The freshman year is an excellent opportunity to take language courses. Language courses are offered by the Faculty of Arts and usually require a placement test. The French Language Centre organizes the  placement tests for French Second Language courses. For other language courses, contact the the language departments in the Faculty of Arts directly to see if a placement test is required.

First Year Seminar Courses 

First year students in a Bachelor of Education program may wish to consider a First Year Seminar course offered by the Faculty of Arts. These can be identified on Minerva by searching on the class schedule by faculty (Arts) and the Course Number 199.

B. Sc Kinesiology Freshman Course Selection

Freshman students entering U0 of the B Sc Kinesiology must take the basic science courses in the Freshman year as prerequisites for higher level courses. Specific information is available here.