Ignacio Nazif — PhD Candidate, Sociology


Born in Santiago, Chile, raised in San José, Costa Rica, Managua, Nicaragua and again Santiago, Chile, Ignacio Nazif received his BA in Sociology from Universidad de Chile and MA in Sociology from McGill University.He is currently a third year doctoral student at McGill University in the Department of Sociology. Ignacio’s interests include the interaction between transport policies and sociology, particularly on road safety policies. He is interested in the global diffusion of road safety policies and their impact in the Latin American and the Caribbean region. He has published on road safety and its development in the Latin American and the Caribbean region and social stratification in Chile.


jose.nazifmunoz [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Ignacio Nazif)


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Nazif, J.I. 2011Testing and contrasting road safety education, deterrence, and social capital theories: a sociological approach to the understanding of male drink-driving in Chile’s Metropolitan Region”, Ann Adv Automot Med.  55: 313–323.

Nazif, J.I 2007 “Social Stratification of Art Exposition, Theatre, Dance, Musical Live Shows and Circus in the Chilean Society”. Revista de Sociología 21:165-189 (in Spanish).

Nazif, J.I 2006 “A new moral entrepreneur in the Chilean Identity? Sociological Analysis of Social Class and Television”. Revista de Sociología 20: 221-246 (in Spanish).

Nazif, J.I and A. Lopez 2006. “Why do they avoid the pedestrian bridges? Explaining jaywalkers behaviour through the Haddon Matrix ”. Ciencias Sociales Online Revista Electrónica. 3, (2):71-86 (in Spanish).

Policy papers

Nazif, J.I. 2011Development of Road Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean: towards a “Nunca más / Nunca mais / Never again” road safety vision” (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).

Nazif, J. I. 2011Guía práctica para el diseño e implementación de políticas de seguridad vial integrales, considerando el rol de la infraestructura [Practical Guide to Design and Implement Integral Road Safety Policies by Taking into Account the Infrastructure Dimension] Serie Recursos Naturales e Infraestructura N° 380 (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).

Nazif, J. I. 2011 “Disability and mobility: interaction of two public policies for sustainable development” Bulletin FAL, Issue 298 – Number 6 (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).

Nazif, J. I. and G. Perez 2011 “International experiences with comprehensive and effective road safety campaigns” Bulletin FAL, Issue 294 – Number 2 (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).

Nazif, J. I. and G. Perez 2009 “The need to establish coordinated measures for the reduction of road accidents in Latin America and the Caribbean” Bulletin FAL, Issue 275 – Number 7 (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).

Nazif, J.I., Rojas, D., Sánchez, R. and Velasco, A. 2006 Instrumentos para la toma de decisiones en políticas de seguridad vial en America Latina [Instruments for decision-making in Latin-America road safety policy]. Serie Recursos Naturales e Infraestructura N° 115 (Santiago: United Nations-ECLAC).


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