IPN Retreat Sponsorship and Donation

To see how you can participate you can either: browse our Sponsorship Menu in the tab below or contact projects.ipn [at] mcgill.ca. Custom made packages for your organization can also be arranged.


Pain, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis, Psychiatric/Brain/Mental Disorders, Brain Imaging, Brain Tumours, and cutting edge cellular research are just a few of the neuroscience topics that benefit from the McGill University Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN) Retreat. The IPN Retreat provides your organization with a unique opportunity to gain visibility among researchers in the fields of neuroscience. Our two day event attracts over 400 people - from new graduate students still setting down roots in Montreal to established professors. As a sponsor of the IPN Retreat, your organization has several levels of support opportunities that will give you exposure throughout the two-day event.

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Since 2009, the brightest and most dedicated researchers get together to share their work, and ideas, spawning exciting new collaborations with one another at the IPN Retreat. With sheer quantity and diversity of research going on at McGill (over 200 professors doing neuroscience and over 400 graduate students), it is essential to have a confluence of great minds with fresh ideas. The Retreat is the breeding ground for the interdisciplinary research projects that will yield breakthroughs in our knowledge of the nervous system and the maladies that affect it. This is what the IPN Retreat is all about.

The Retreat is an essential component in keeping Montreal a world leader in neuroscience. We offer you the opportunity to be seen as supporters of the world-class science at your doorstep.  We’d like you to be part of the IPN Retreat’s success, helping us to keep the event going as strongly as it has for the past 8 years. 

Sponsorship Menu

Choose the sponsorship package that is appropriate for your support level. Custom packages can also be negotiated.

$500+: Synapse

Logo of your organisation on the Retreat Program, all printed booklets and final versions of all electronically distributed material sent to attendees. Plus: two invitations to the IPN Retreat.

750+: Axon

As Synapse level.

Plus: Booth to promote your business. AND: Logo on all session title slides during podium presentations.

$2000+: Neuron

As Axon level.

Plus: Themed session named after your organisation. e.g. 'Advances in Alzheimer's Disease research - sponsored by sponsor'.

Plus: 'Coffee Break - sponsored by sponsor'.

$5000+: Gyrus

As Neuron level.

Plus: "Lunch Break - sponsored by XXXXX".

$10,000+: Cortex

As Gyrus level.

Plus: One whole day of the Retreat is named after sponsor.

AND guest speaker from sponsor is invited to talk about any neuroscience related product/service/research, or careers opportunities with sponsor for students with graduate degrees in neuroscience.

Exclusive: Other Gyrus level sponsors declined on same day as Cortex sponsorship.

$16,000+: Brain (Exclusive)

As Cortex level.

Plus: Whole Retreat is named after sponsor. Note: Cortex level sponsor will be declined/refunded when a Brain level sponsor enters.

Other Support Options

(Link goes to video on Vimeo)

Poster Sessions

$500 will allow 15 researchers to present their work in the scheduled poster sessions. There will be around 90 posters presented at the Retreat. The video above was assembled from clips shot during poster sessions at the IPN Retreat

Sponsored Student Attendance

$750 will offset the cost of the attendance of ten students at the Retreat.

Sponsored Lunch or Dinner

$3000 will defray the costs of one lunch or dinner for the Retreat’s participants.

In-kind Support

Products and/or services that can help us with the Retreat are also sought after and appreciated. We are always glad to accept support in the form of refreshments and meals for the attendees. Stationery products and services such as name badges/lanyards, pens, and program printing are greatly appreciated too.


All sponsors and donors will be publically acknowledged at the Retreat and on Retreat material as specified in the Sponsorship Menu.