Montreal 蒙特利尔城市

Made by creators and innovators, affordable, diverse, creative, and bursting with culture, Montreal more than earns its stripes as one of the best student cities in the world.



Safe and affordable 环境优美,物价合理 
  • Ranked as the 1st“Best Student City” in the Americas (QS, 2019)

  • Costs less than in almost every other metropolis in North America and Western Europe, thanks to its affordable rents, generous family allowances, and low-cost childcare facilities.

  • 在“最适合学生的城市”排名中,位列美洲第一QS“最适合学生的城市”排名,2019年

  • 因为合理的租金、高额的家庭津贴福利和良好的日托所设施,大蒙特利尔地区的生活费用几乎比北美和西欧所有的大都市都要低


Brimming with cultures 多样性和包容性文化 
  • An eclectic blend of North American and European culture

  • Vibrant food scene with the highest number of restaurants per capita in North America

  • 北美和欧洲文化的完美结合

  • 独特的移民文化使蒙特利尔汇集了世界各地的美食,被誉为“美食之都" 


Post-secondary education 高等学府之都 
  • Almost 320,000 post-secondary students, including 37,000 international university students

  • 11 universities and more than one billion CAD in funds yearly dedicated to university research

  • The lowest tuition fees in North America

  • 32万高等教育学子,其中包含37,000名国际留学生

  • 11所高等教育机构。加拿大排名第一的科研中心,每年有超过10亿加币的预算资金专门用于大学研究

  • 北美最低的学费费用


Incubator for innovation 创新型发展城市 
  • Home base for international institutes, pharmaceutical and financial companies, and aeronautical firms

  • 1stconcentration of deep learning researchers in the world, with 15,000 AI experts

  • 6th largest life sciences and health technologies hub in North America, with 650 companies, 56,000 jobs

  • 国际机构、制药、金融以及航空公司的总部。政府扶持并大量引进人才,寻求创新,是北美学生就业的理想城市

  • 人工智能领域行业第一,汇集全世界15,000名人工智能领域的专家

  • 北美生命科学和健康技术中心,拥有650家公司、56,000个工作岗位




( Source 来源: Montreal International / I Choose Montreal )



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