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Post-Synaptic Careers - Life after a Neuroscience Degree (A new Discussion Series with guest speakers)

Montreal Neurological Institute deGrandpre Amphitheatre, BTRC, 3801 Rue University, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA

What can one do after a degree in Neuroscience? 

This discussion series will address this question through informal conversations with some successful non-academics with graduate degrees in neuroscience; the series will compliment IPN’s

Integrated Program in Neuroscience Open House for Prospective Graduate Students.

IPN Open House March 13th details

On March 13th, the McGIll Integrated Program in Neuroscience will welcome prospective graduate students to meet faculty and current students from our program.

International PhD students

IPN will cover the tuition fee differential between International and Canadian Ph.D. students. This means that international Ph.D. students pay the same tuition fees as students from Quebec.