IPN - 2019 HBHL Graduate Student Fellowship Competition

The main objective of the HBHL Graduate Student Fellowship Program is to recognize and educate top graduate students in multi-disciplinary research fields related to the brain. Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives is a program at McGill University that is made possible with support from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF). More information about HBHL is available here

As part of this year's competition, we extend our congratulations to more than 25 of our students for having received graduate student fellowships from HBHL! More than 15 of the recipients are at the Doctoral level, and more than 10 of the recipients are at the Master's level. 


Master's Recipients

Rana Ghafouri-Azar

Abdullah Azeem

Alexandra Chapleau

Manesh Girn

Nicholas James

Jake Levy

Kelly Perlman

Christian Rampal

Aaron Spahr

Christophe Tanguay-Sabourin

Airi Watanabe



Doctoral Recipients

Taryn Berman

Matteo Bernabo

Alexa Pichet Binette

Lani Cupo

Virginie Petel Legare

Emma MacDougall

Amanda McFarlan

Pierre-Francois Meyer

Jeremy Moreau

Arielle Rabinowitz

Pierre-Luc Rochon

Kaan Salcin

Roni Setton

Stephanie Tullo

Reinder Vos de Wael

Mohammad Yaghoubi







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