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Professor Paul Yachnin

A leader of collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship, Paul Yachnin teaches and publishes on the social creativity of the arts, principally on Shakespeare and other writers of early modern Europe. His books include Stage-Wrights, The Culture of Playgoing in Early Modern England (with Tony Dawson), and Making Publics in Early Modern Europe (with Bronwen Wilson), as well as editions of The Tempest and Richard II. In addition to serving as Director of the Shakespeare and Performance Research Team and President of the Shakespeare Association of America (2009-2010), he founded the Making Publics (MaPs) Project (2005-10), which brought together scholars across the disciplines to rethink the history of early modern Europe by understanding how works of art and intellect created “publics,” new forms of association based on the shared interests, tastes, and desires of individuals.

Important to him is the cultivation of work between the creative arts and scholarship and the enlargement of exchanges between people inside and outside the academy. With theatre artists such as Albert Schultz and Paul Hopkins, he developed public presentations that combined performance and research—and made both better in the process. He has shared his ideas with non-academic groups at the National Library of Canada, the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, and the University of Southern Queensland, among others. His ideas about the public life of art, and those of his MaPs collaborators, were featured on the fourteen-episode CBC Radio IDEAS series, “The Origins of the Modern Public.”

Office: 3610 McTavish St., room 21-3
Contact: 514-398-7185 or paul [dot] yachnin [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)

Paul Yachnin is also Tomlinson Professor of Shakespeare Studies in the Department of English.
His faculty page is here.

PLAI Courses taught:

Winter 2015: PLAI 300: How Shakespeare Created Modern Society

Winter 2012: PLAI 400: Changing Spaces: Visual and Theatrical Culture in Early Modern Europe with Angela Vanhaelen
Winter 2014: PLAI 500: Playing Shakespeare: Theory and Practice of Theatrical-Musical Transformation with Patrick Hansen