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IPLAI Artist in Residence

Kent Stetson

In residence January-April 2013

Kent Stetson, C. M., is a Governor General's Literary Award Laureate, as well as a Member of the Order of Canada. The Prince Edward Island-born playwright, director and novelist developed as a dramatist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before moving to Montreal in 1989, where he became a full-time writer. His GG-award winning tragedy in three acts for fifteen men, The Harps of God, "a work which raised the bar for Canadian play-writing to a new level,” (GG Jury Citation) is said to be the single best play ever written about Canada. (Montreal Gazette, 2005) 

Mr. Stetson recently published his first work of prose fiction, The World Above the Sky. Of the novel, former CNN producer/anchor, and critic for The Village Voice, Porter Anderson said: “One welcome, hard fact is that The World Above the Sky is Stetson's debut as a novelist. Stetson... who's no slouch in the dreaming department, may in fact remind some here of a latter-day J.R.R. Tolkien ... The World Above the Sky charts an arduous journey through Nature-gone-unnatural ... The reddened sands and foaming seas of his constructs churn into a phosphorescent cosmos of grace.”

This first-contact novel set in 1398 on the east coast of present-day Canada is the first in a trilogy associating First Nations and European cosmologies. The Sky World Trilogy is conceived as a platform from which to observe and document the emergent Canadian consciousness.

Mr. Stetson's work as mentor, educator in both the class room and digital domaine, and arts activist takes him across Canada and abroad. “He remains an inspiration for writers, actors and artistic leaders in Canada and internationally.” (Order of Canada Citation)

Mr. Stetson has recently completed his second work of fiction, a crime novel co-written with his retired RCMP brother Paul. Meat Cove is being published serially on line. (See the link to MasterBookWorks, below)

During his tenure as IPLAI’s inaugural Artist in Residence he directed staged readings of two of his plays, The Harps of God, and Sweet Magdalena, while composing the first draft of a new play tentatively entitled Shackled.

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