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Winter 2015

Future Cities (25 years in the future)

Friday March 13, 2015. 900h-1630h, Macdonald Engineering 267

Join students and faculty in Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Law, Management, Medicine, and Urban Planning, local artists, and thought leaders Cameron Charlebois and Ken Dryden for a day of crossing boundaries into other ways of seeing the city and its futures.

John Cage and his Works

Pollack Hall east lounge Strathcona Music Building 555 Sherbrooke St. W., CA

Join Peter Schubert and friends for a conversation on the life and works of composer John Cage.

Sunday-@-the Segal

    IPLAI director Paul Yachnin and Anne Grace, from the Museum of Fine Arts, on the set of RED at the Segal Center during Sunday-@-the Segal (November 25, 2012)